What is jevic inspection & what are there roles in japanese used automobile industry?

It is located in all significant ports in Japan like in Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Osaka and Hakata. JEVIC having strict ways of evaluating previously owned vehicles as well as we can understand there track record by this that some of the countries had made it compulsory to have the JEVIC examination certificate alongwith the made use of vehicle importing to their country. JEVIC having worldwide clients like Federal government bodies, carassociations, importers, merchants as well as various types of global trading business alongwith end users. 10)Comprehensive consulting services 11) Checking vehicle records to guarantee its not stolen one JEVIC Co. has actually been billing around JPY 25,000 per automobile’s assessment qualification( Please validate with JEVIC directly to make sure about the fees)This accreditation can also begiven by the dealer paying the essential costs to him.