Queensboro motorcycle club annual motorcycle rodeo

Queensboro Bike Club has actually been around for over 98 years! That’s appropriate I claimed over 98 years, That’s not just a very long time for a Bike Club, that’s a long period of time for anything! OKAY Lets quit and think about this momentarily, The very first (gas-engined) Motorbike was created in 1885. Just one consider the car park at the Rodeo shows you the wide diversity of their Friends, With Motorcycles from Harley to Honda, Ninja to Norton therefore lots of others in between. Now you do not need a Motorcycle to be component of the FOQ (Buddies of Queensboro) Crew and some of their numerous buddies showed up in cars to take pleasure in the perfect Summertime day!The Occasion begins with register at Rolling Rumbling in Hempstead as well as a Beautiful flight over to the Rodeo. , Children’s occasions, a Bike Show and also many games you do not need a Bike to play, Such as the Amusing game “Shoot the Bicycle Rider Freak”. James AmericanBikerX. com Radio reveal at BikerLowdown.