Trouble with my motorcycle, or is it?

You can with confidence acquire a brand-new Concours 14 and ride it for years with regular upkeep your only cost. I got that bike new in 1999 and have concerning 50,000 miles on it. To this factor, the only issue I have actually had was when an O-ring fell short and it started dripping coolant. I had actually somehow missed my turn coming out of Cortez, CO, and rather than going by the 4 Corners monument I found myself headed due south to Shiprock, NM, and Gallup. That added concerning 50 miles to my day’s experience but by the time I figured it out it would not have actually conserved me anything to return, so I pressed on. About 100 miles later on I reached Holbrook and was ready to pick up lunch. Now why in the world would certainly it do that?

Worse, it didn't wish to start once again. I was about 450 miles from home and still 100 miles from my location and the Arizona sunlight was blazing down on me. This did not provide me a fellow feeling. When I attempted it the bike did fire right up, but again it did not intend to proceed running. My Connie holds 7. Following Frank tried spraying carb cleaner down the intakes while I revved the motor. In Flagstaff I located an additional shop and the individual there informed me he was confident he could fix the issue however be was overloaded and would certainly not have the ability to get to it up until Saturday. This was Thursday. Since that had not been mosting likely to benefit me, he just turned the idle dial right up and though it ran harsh, the engine did not pass away. I continued the throttle a long time, letting it heat up, and then removed. My yearly upkeep expense is still $7.