Blaze the roads with yamaha fz

The FZ is released in India by the motto of Lord of the Streets. There are 2 FZ are in the market now days. Yamaha launched FZ-S as an additional option of FZ-16 with an additional front visor. It was released in 2009 March in great style with once again a brand-new motto of highlight your style. Its seat height is extremely cosy and also versatile around 790 mm. The gas storage tank of FZ is 12 litres. It has breath taking choice up and also an electric starter also. It give smooth and also comfortable ride. Along with, the engine beginning indicator is a prototype of the stamina of novelty. Yamaha FZ rate is 70,000 Rs till date. Yamaha Bike cost in India varies from 75,000 Rs to 4, 00000 Rs according to its attributes as well as alterations in the model. Along with the customer’s selection honor at UTVi as well as Automobile auto India Awards in the same year.